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Legendary Resumes & Career Services is a resume writing and career services company. We prepare our clients for professional excellence at each stage of their career journey by skillfully crafting high-quality ATS-approved resumes, career documents, and offer career consulting and interview coaching to help you land the position you deserve.

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Preparing you for professional excellence at each stage of your career journey!

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Resume Career Services


Whether you are a professional that feels undervalued and discouraged in your current role, a professional seeking to change industries, or a professional seeking a promotion and transition into the next phase of your career, we've got you covered!


It is our mission to transform your job search and increase your marketability to help you secure interviews and land the position that you deserve.

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Resume Packages

We offer three levels of discounted resume packages based upon your experience level. Our packages help you to stand out above the crowd as a competitive job seeker. No matter your experience level or industry, we've got the right package for you!

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn hosts more than 600 million professional profiles! Having a top-notch LinkedIn profile makes you accessible to an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! - Let us help you create an optimized LinkedIn

profile that will stand out against the crowd and help you find the career you desire faster!

Job Search Strategy


In this strategically designed 60-minute consultation, we will focus on your exact needs and fine-tune your job search. We will work together to evaluate your goals, clarify any questions, and craft a blueprint to successfully achieve your desired job search results.

Interview Preparation


In this preparation session, you will be strategically coached on how to tackle the challenge of difficult to answer questions, prepped on questions to lookout for and are provided with strategies to help you feel calm and confident in your interviews.


Meet the Founder + CEO

Hi, I'm Lauren!


I consider myself to be a culture champion with a people first mentality. I’ve always had a natural fondness for helping others achieve their goals and tap into their natural given abilities. I have a SUPER passion for helping people become happier, more productive, and more fulfilled in their careers and lives.

In my experience as a recruiter and certified Human Resources professional in Corporate America, I have reviewed thousands of resumes that needed serious revamping. I started Legendary Resumes & Career Services because I sincerely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a career that they enjoy.

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